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Catteries Not Included

    Sometime ago, in 1991 we got to know that there is a world, where two chipmunks, two mice and a funny green fly, form a team together. We didn't know that soon we would be waiting for next sunday to meet them again and again, we didn't know that they would become a part of our live. But even in that time we were watching with interest the first case of the Rescue Rangers. And this episode became the first adventure of the team from which followed many others, which I think will never end. So...

    Rescue Rangers learned about the disapearance of a little cat named Spunky and immediately set out in search of him. When Dale and Monty arrived at cat's alley, they are surprised finds out that all the cats have disappeared. This unusual situation required strange doings. And on Dale's advice, they climbed into a Makeshift Cat and set out to stroll about the streets of New York City...

    The result exceeded all expectations. A huge iron robo-dog attacked them. While Dale was swallowed by the dog and calls for help from the metal belly of the robot, Monty rushes to the attack...

    When the other Rescue Rangers appear, everything is over. Gadget has had to connect several wires and the whole team settled inside the dog start on a journey. The robo-dog brings them to Norton Nimnul's laboratory. This is where it all starts...

Characters from this episode

Rescue Rangers
Professor Norton Nimnul
Officer Kirby
Officer Muldoon
Sergeant Spinelli

Inventions from this episode

Ranger Plane
Collapsible Garpoon
Makeshift Cat

Episode subtitles


Subtitles to episode #1 Language: English   

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